The aim of the ENHANCER Project is to enable the SuTPs and the LHC (Local Host Communities) in developing new and growing businesses to provide sustainable jobs and livelihoods and develop a sustainable enabling institutional environment. The framework consists of modular strategies and actions that can be tailored to different types of regional, sectoral and socio-cultural settings.

2.592.000 EUR budget is allocated under this component for grant support to well-established, promising cooperatives in Adana, Ankara, Gaziantep, Hatay and Şanlıurfa to grow and thereby generate sustainable employment for SuTPs and LHC members.

In order to be eligible for a grant, the lead applicant must:

a) be legally registered as a cooperative or union(s) of cooperatives and have their headquarters in the targeted provinces: Adana, Ankara, Gaziantep, Hatay and Şanlıurfa; and

b) be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action, not acting as an intermediary; and

c) have been established at least 1 year prior to the announcement date of this call for proposals.

  • Generating sustainable employment for SuTPs and LHC members,
  • Integrating SuTPs into the Turkish economy through sustainable employment,
  • Increasing the amount of decent and registered employment opportunities,
  • Improving matching jobs and worker skills,
  • Scaling up production through improving resource efficiency and inclusive recruitment of new members or employees,
  • Digitalizing business processes through inclusive recruitment of new members or employees

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