The first Business Networking Meeting within the scope of the “Enhancement of Entrepreneurship Capacities for Sustainable Socio-Economic Integration (ENHANCER) Project”, funded by the European Union and carried out by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) with the coordination of the Directorate General of Development Agencies of the Ministry of İndustry and Technology was held in Istanbul Conrad Hotel on December 16, 2021. The event where Turkish and Syrian entrepreneurs in the textile and ready garment clothing, food, and innovative sectors that support them came together with the leading brands of the sector was successfully accomplished.

57 firm representatives took part in the event, which was organized with the aim of improving the opportunities for Turkish and Syrian entrepreneurs to work together, gaining business development skills, and strengthening their business connections.

During the event, two different panels were held with the participation of expert panellists on Integration with Value Chains During Coronavirus Pandemic and Sustainability and Digitalization. Syrian and Turkish start-ups had the opportunity to present their products in the booth area.

  • Tamer Kılıç (Head of Region to ICMPD Western Balkans and Turkey)
  • Filiz Alsaç (Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Development
    Agencies, Head of Coordination Department of Regional Development Agencies)

Nuri Barış Tartıcı (ICMPD, Technical Lead)

  • Şeref Fayat (TOBB, Ready Garment Sector Lead)
  • Arzu Kaprol (Fashion Designer & Technology Development Zone, Wearable Technologies
  • Moderator: Pınar Yapanoğlu, ICMPD, Portfolio Manager
  • Panelist 1 Cankan Tüysüzoğlu (Trendyol, Category Manager)
  • Panelist 2 Yavuz Altun (Happy Center, CEO)
  • Panelist 3 Savaş Paykoç (Dörtel, Company Executive)
  • Panelist 4 Rasheed Hamwi (SIBA (Syrian International Business Association),

Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Development Agencies
Leventcan Gültekin (Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of
Development Agencies, Industry and Technology Expert)

  • Moderator: Özlem Çavuş (ICMPD, Entrepreneurship Component Lead)
  • Ebru Şenel Erim (Unilever Turkey, Communications & Corporate Affairs Director and Board
  • Mhammad Al Abid (Angels, Fin-Tech Entrepreneur)
  • Raja Belkasim (Good MOMs, Food Sector Entrepreneur)

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