It has been nearly 38 months since we started implementation of ENHANCER. We worked as 5 different teams under six different components day and night to be ready for an efficient and flawless implementation. We accomplished to mobilise a total value of 190 million TL worth of grants to enhance the entrepreneurship ecosystem in 11 implementation provinces for the entrepreneurs, SMEs and NGOs. These are end results of our Local Common Use Facilities grant program and entrepreneurship trainings.

The grant scheme program for local common use facilities is unique under its own concept. As ENHANCER Team, we are not only financing, monitoring and evaluating. We have done an initial need assessment of our grantee organizations and we will be feeding in with expert advice on the subjects of identification.

We developed and built our own entrepreneurship training program, and succeeded in graduating approximately 2700 entrepreneurs. Now we are announcing another endeavour for our technical entrepreneurship trainings and soon starting the trainings in 6 sectors.

Furthermore, matching events will continue with a diverse set of events and value private sector mobilization, seed capital, crowdfunding, meet the buyers and B2B events.

I am also very pleased that we have announced 2 new grant programs for start-ups and cooperatives with a total budget over 5 million Euros.

Pınar Yapanoğlu

Portfolio Manager

ICMPD Western Balkans and Turkey Office

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