One of the main objective of ENHANCER is to contribute to institutions in the ecosystem in order to provide better services to Syrians under Temporary Protection and the host community with an aim to ensure establishment of businesses and their preservation through cooperation among the actors within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Therefore, the project provides grants to improve current Common Use Facilities or establish new ones. Enhancing the number and quality of facilities supporting the businesses has become vital, considering that improving entrepreneurship in developing communities and especially for Syrians under Temporary Protection striving to integrate into these communities is challenging due to many factors including lack of investment opportunities. The Common Use Facilities were introduced as a success strategy that aims to enhance, improve and motivate entrepreneurship

Common Use Facilities support existing businesses in the ecosystem and encourage potential new entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. Therefore, the project considers the Common Use Facilities as critical focal points serving as entrepreneurship centres where Syrians under Temporary Protection and their peers in the Host Community can interact and access the services they need.

Details on the announced Grant Schemes are available below. You may also send your relevant questions to