As the ENHANCER Project team, we have been working with all our might for the implementation, objectives and results of the 6 project components with increasing knowledge and human resources since 2020. In this process, grants with a total volume of 14 million ₺ were offered to NGOs, entrepreneurs, SMEs and cooperatives to improve entrepreneurship ecosystem in the provinces where the project is implemented. Grant Scheme for Entrepreneurs, for which the application process is still ongoing, supports entrepreneurs to start registered businesses that could create jobs, with a grant amounting roughly to 3 million € in total.

ENHANCER not only provides financial and technical assistance, but also resources to implement mentoring activities by offering expert support in the areas identified by beneficiary needs analyses through Local Common Use Facilities Grant Scheme, a project-specific practice. Similarly, applications for the Cooperatives Support Grant Scheme are in the course of evaluation. We do perform capacity building, monitoring and evaluation activities with a focus on job creation for the beneficiaries in this scope.

In addition, approximately 3000 entrepreneurs graduated from the entrepreneurship training programme of the project.  We currently evaluate applications to the new technical entrepreneurship training for the identified 6 business sectors. B2B events targeting to bring entrepreneurs together are still in progress as well.

I am pleased to announce the signing of the contract for ENHANCER Pro Project as a continuation of ENHANCER, thanks to the effective results achieved despite the difficulties encountered during the implementation of the project. Activities of ENHANCER Pro will be implemented in 16 provinces for 4 years as of December 2024 and the project will keep supporting individuals, enterprises and organisations by focusing on employment and social development with a budget of 70 million €, which will mostly be transferred to grant schemes.

Pınar Yapanoğlu

Portfolio Manager

ICMPD Türkiye Office